Redscale With Expired Film

Red Desert Several years ago I made some experiments with redscale films. As people know, redscale” is one of the common style of film modification to result monotone image. I have to thanks to the creator of film who discovered an advance invention which is easily modified to make “sephia” style image. No photoshop, no computer software. It is a “skill” that everybody could mastering. I was wondering how people invented revolved film to produce this image style. It was just a coincidence or people really invented it? It was a big mark. You can just easily find on google about how to make redscale film. About this article, I used expired film for my redscale experiment. I was suddenly impressed with the stunning red color result. I thought I would have browny image results, but… It was red! I’d say it’s a bad or good news yet I am so happy with the result. Red Desert #2 Red Desert #3 Red Desert #5 Red Desert #7 Red Desert #8 These pictures were taken with Olympus XA 2 camera and Fuji Superia 200 expired for redscale film. I took these pictures in southern on Yogyakarta.


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