Little Things

Little Things

It’s been a while I didn’t take a shoot with my camera both analog as well as digital. Not because I was bored, sure I was still enjoying photo blogs, journal, art report from internet, I was just not in the mood of taking photo.Since my assignment photographed noble-silent meditation retreat in Bogor two weeks ago,my eagerness draping camera on my neck came up. A week ago I opened my dry box and got one of my collection, gift from my dad, Ricoh KR-5. I could mention, with just one-hand fingers, times I used this camera, what a pity…

I went to Kotagede this weekend, spending time with my Indian CS friend walking around the area. Brought my KR5 and an expired fuji Superia 400 film. I was so confident with my 36 + shoots during that city walks, would be an incredible photos. Eventually i was just disappointed, having my 36 frames failed. I was pretty sure that having expired film is just a bet. Once you got amazing unique photos, at the other hand just failed.

I didn’t want to have bad feeling as I used (not so) fresh Kodak Superia 200 film, spending morning in my house, capturing some little things. I just realized that I, several CS friends and my housemate left many cute things in my house. “It would be a good still-life objects” I said. I took almost half of the film, having fun with my KR 5, rest of it, I kept this for next city walk with Poushali, Indian CS friend.

What a surprised this evening while I got the result from photo lab, 37 colorful frames. Yeah! I did. A good starter of my analog photo journey this year, though there were some miss-focuss for several photos, but it’s ok.

Little Things


Little Things


Little Things


Little Things


Little Things


Little Things


Little Things

No matter the result I’m so excited my mood is back, photographing, blogging, as well as enjoying every moment in my life. All photos above taken by Ricoh KR 5 and Kodak Colorplus 200.


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